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Bug tracking for OpenAD with trac

The OpenAD home page provides details about the OpenAD tool. This wiki is intended for bug tracking with trac and does not contain any explanation of OpenAD or its applications. Trac is fairly self explanatory but some information can be found following the links below.

To avoid spam for the ticket creation and modification we require a login either with OpenID (above with "OpenID Login") or MCS credentials (above with "Login").

The tickets with ids 15 through 150 are imported from a php bug tracker installation for Open64 and OpenAD that was until recently hosted at Rice University. They have been imported here to retain some information about past code changes. In these tickets all time stamps have been reset to some arbitrary fixed value. In many cases the names of ticket creators and owners do not relate to current user of this trac instance and any unresolved status is not automatically an indicator of a currently still existing issues.

Starting Points for trac

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.