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Locating Dependency libraries

ParNCL depends on a number of libraries (see here) and these libraries need to be installed (or be available) before building/installing ParNCL. To check if a dependency library is installed use the "locate" command OR "find" command as shown below. Please make sure that the version of the libraries installed are as specified in the ParNCL build docs. If any of the dependency packages are not installed in "/usr/lib" ("/usr/include") or "/usr/local/lib" ("/usr/local/include") you will have to specify the include/lib paths for the library when configuring ParNCL. Note that static libraries have a "*.a" extension and dynamic libraries have a "*.so" extension.

# To locate JPEG library
locate libjpeg
# To locate X11 development packages
locate libX11
locate libXpm
locate libXext
# To locate PNG library
locate libpng
# To locate ZLIB library
locate libz
# To locate SZIP library
locate libsz
# To locate cURL library
locate libcurl
# To locate HDF5 library
locate libhdf5
# We recommend manually installing NetCDF4 if you are not sure if the correct version is installed in your system

# To locate PNetCDF library
locate libpnetcdf

# We recommend manually installing MPI if you are not sure if it is installed in your system.
# We usually test ParNCL with MPICH2 and OpenMPI MPI libraries.

# We recommend manually installing MOAB library

# To locate BLAS library
locate libblas
# To locate Lapack library
locate liblapack

# We recommend manually installing Intrepid library

# We recommend manually installing ParGAL library

If you don't have a "locate" command, assuming that all user libraries are installed in "/usr/lib" or "/usr/local/lib", use the "find" command as shown below.

find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libjpeg*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libX11*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libXpm*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libXext*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libpng*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libz*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libsz*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libcurl*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libhdf5*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libpnetcdf*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name libblas*
find /usr/lib /usr/local/lib -name liblapack*