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Intrepid is part of Trilinos.

Get the Trilinos tarball from Release 2.6

Notes from Kara: Trilinos builds with cmake so you will need to have cmake version 2.8 or greater installed on your machine. I have attached two cmake scripts that I use on my linux machine that will enable all the packages necessary to run the examples. The first (cmake.serial.release) is for a serial build and the second (cmake.mpi.release) is for a parallel build. To build Trilinos, create a directory outside the source directory and change the last line in the script to point back to the Trilinos source. (in the case of the parallel build you may also need to modify the path to your mpi directory). Running the cmake script should then create the makefiles necessary to compile Intrepid and the Trilinos packages it needs.

Once the required Trilinos packages (including Intrepid) are compiled then you can use the makefile in the Intrepid-MOAB directory to link to them and compile the examples.

Depending on the configuration of your machine you may need to explicitly include paths to compilers and/or to blas and lapack in the cmake script, but I would try the sample script first just to check. I’ve also attached a text file with more detailed instructions for configuring with cmake. Please let me know if you have any problems.