Change History for ParNCLBinaries

Version Date Author Comment
9 6 years jayesh Remove links to pargal download - we will reenable links after updating …
8 6 years jayesh Adding link to ParNCL ubuntu 64-bit binary
7 6 years jayesh Adding placeholders for ParNCL1.0.0 binaries
6 6 years jayesh Adding link to parncl 1.0.0b2, ubuntu 64-bit, binary
5 6 years jayesh Adding placeholder for 1.0.0b2 binaries
4 7 years jacob
3 7 years jayesh Adding info on linux flavor used for the build
2 7 years jayesh Minor change to column headings, adding notes on MOAB and ParGAL revisions
1 7 years jayesh Download page for 1.0.0b1 linux binaries