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Running an NCL script using ParNCL

Installing MPI

ParNCL is a parallel program that uses the Message Passing Interface. You can run it, in parallel, on any modern laptop or workstation that has a multi-core CPU (all modern one's do) using the "mpiexec" command. You can also run it on a cluster or other supercomputer if you have access.

The binaries are currently built with the MPICH2 version 1.5 and you'll have to build and install its "mpiexec" command before you can use ParNCL. This version is available here. See section 2.2 of the MPICH Installation Guide for the quickstart guide to installing.

Be sure you can run an example program in examples/basic before you try to run ParNCL.

Running ParNCL

After you have installed ParNCL, the interpreter, "parncl", is installed in the $INSTALL_DIR/bin directory. You can run an NCL script, say foo.ncl, with parncl using mpiexec (MPI job launcher) as follows,

 mpiexec -n 2 parncl foo.ncl