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ParNCL scripts

Some simple NCL scripts that work with ParNCL are attached here. The data files used in these scripts can be found here.

NCL Script ParNCL 1.0.0 ParNCL 1.0.0b2 ParNCL 1.0.0b1 Notes
plot_dim_avg_n.nclYES YES YES Plotting dim_avg over the time dimension
data_slice_01.nclYES YES YES Subscript selection of temp, lev=0, timestep=0
data_slice_02.nclYES YES YES Range with strides and subscript selection of temp
data_slice_03.nclYES YES YES Scaling of sliced temp data
data_slice_04.nclYES YES YES Adding two data slices
plot_vort.nclYES YES YES Computing vorticity from wind components and plotting it
minmax.nclYES YES YES Calculating min, max of temp
math_funcs.nclYES YES YES Using math funcs Sine and Cos on data read from files
vort_homme.nclYES YES YES Calculating vorticity from wind components on a HOMME grid
sfvp_eul.nclYES NO NO Calculating stream function and velocity potential from wind components
vort_write_nc.nclYES NO NO Calculating vorticity from wind components and writing the result to a netcdf file