Change History for ParNCLDeveloperInfo/SimpleParNCLScripts

Version Date Author Comment
11 5 years jayesh Adding info about vort_write_nc.ncl
10 5 years jayesh using lighter version of red
9 5 years jayesh Adding script info for sfvp_eul.ncl
8 6 years jayesh The version where the scripts are supported is already in the table. …
7 6 years jayesh Adding column for 1.0.0 release
6 6 years jayesh Adding a table for the example scripts - makes it easier to show which …
5 7 years jayesh Adding link to datasets used in example scripts - copied from ParGAL repo
4 7 years jayesh Instead of trunk mention release version
3 7 years jayesh Updating the trunk rev no
2 7 years jayesh Don't use "ParNCL scripts", we should rather use "NCL scripts that work …
1 7 years jayesh ParNCL sample test scripts page