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Swift and Climate Model Workflows

One goal of Parvis is to use task-parallelism provided by Swift to speed up current diagnostic workflows when applied to very large climate model volumes. Climate model diagnostic workflows are currently implemented as large serial shell scripts (referred to as a "diagnostic package") that perform standard analyses of climate model output and generate maps and figures showing the results.

In a separate project, John Dennis and 2 interns at NCAR began conversion of the NCAR atmosphere model's package to a task-parallel workflow using Swift.

Parvis will be completing and supporting this work and extending it to other diagnostic packages.




"How to use the task-parallel OMWG/AMWG diagnostic packages", 17th Annual CESM Workshop

Current Diagnostic package homepages

  • Ocean
  • Sea Ice

Example of output from current climate model diagnostic packages

From the 1 degree CCSM4 pre-industrial control simulation.