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AMWG diagnostic timings on fusion.

All runs (including original w/o swift) were run on the compute nodes using 10 years of monthly 0.5 degree cam data provided by John Dennis and were compared against observational data.

Swift version: 0.92.

AMWG diag package version: 080903.

Processor Count Time(min)
16 14:07
32 12:03
64 11:35

Reproduces work by John Dennis and others. Swift used only in data portion of script.

Swift version: 0.92

AMWG diag package version: 110518

Timing results for the AMWG package without swift:

Processor Count Total Time(min) Ave Files (min) NCL plots (min)
Original w/o swift 74:05 41:57 32:06

Timing results with swift fully integrated in data and ncl parts:

Processor Count Time(min)
16 22:35
32 18:05
64 17:27