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(this is the text from the README-swift file included in the distribution)


  1. Follow the instructions for installing the regular AMWG package.

(In short, you will need installations of NCL, NCO and the "convert" tool from ImageMagick?)

  1. You will also need the Swift executable ( ) which requires a current version of Java.


  1. Create a run directory. Then from this directory create a directory named swift.
  1. Copy diag120131.csh to the run directory and edit to run the comparison you'd like to do.
  1. To turn the swift option on, set use_swift to 0 in the top level diag script.
  1. You will also have to set swift_scratch_dir in the top level diag script and make sure this directory exists prior to running the package. This directory will store all of the Swift specific files that are created. This directory can grow quite large.
  1. Copy swift/amwg_stats.swift to the swift directory you created.
  1. Modify/create the 4 swift configuration files listed below. These need to be placed in your run directory. Examples can be found in swift/conf/: (cdm file) (config file)

sites.xml: (sites file) Edit the "workdirectory" (for more information, see This file is set up to run on a local machine without a queue. (tc file) This file lists all of the executables that the package will use. You will need to change the locations to point to where they are located on your machine. Append_ncks.csh, dummy_file.csh, plot_paleo.csh, and run_ncl.csh are located in the swift/utils/ directory.


Run this version from the command line just like the original package (./diag*.csh). You also need to edit diag*.csh (just like the original) to point to your data, etc.

Most error messages can be found in the last several lines of $swift_scratch_dir/amwg_stats-*.log.