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The AMWG with swift is installed in /ccs/home/mickelso/SWIFT_DIAGS/amwg_diagnostics/ with site-specific information for lens.

The swift executable needs to be in your path. You can install your own version of swift or you can use ~mickelso/swift-0.93/bin/swift.


  1. Create a run directory. Then from this directory create a subdirectory named swift.
  1. Create a directory for Swift intermediate output files. This directory can grow quite large and be located on another filesystem. A good suggestion is /tmp/work/$USER/swift-sandbox/.
  1. Copy diag*.csh from /ccs/home/mickelso/SWIFT_DIAGS/amwg_diagnostics/ to the run directory.
  1. Copy /ccs/home/mickelso/SWIFT_DIAGS/amwg_diagnostics/swift/amwg_stats.swift to the swift subdirectory you created.
  1. Copy the Swift configuration files (,,, and sites.xml) located in /ccs/home/mickelso/SWIFT_DIAGS/amwg_diagnostics/swift/conf/ to your run directory.
  1. Edit the diag script for the comparsion you would like to make (same as for normal use of the diag package).

7 To turn the swift option on, set use_swift to 0 in the diag script.

  1. You will also have to set swift_scratch_dir in the diag script to the directory your created in step 2.
  1. Modify the "workdirectory" entry to the directory you created in step 2 and the "project" name that the job will be charged to in sites.xml


Run this version from the command line just like the original package (./diag*.csh). You also need to edit diag*.csh (just like the original) to point to your data, etc.

Most error messages can be found in the last several lines of $swift_scratch_dir/amwg_stats-*.log.