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Relevant Conferences and Workshops

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  • Lists: IEEE Computer conference calendar, ACM conferences, SIAM conferences, Upcoming CS conferences - various, Wikicfp, Computing conferences
  • Recurring workshops (w/ deadlines): autotuning, GPUs, heterogeneous architectures
    • Heterogeneity in Computing, HCW (mid-Jan.)
    • International Workshop on Heterogeneous Architectures and Computing, HAC (early Feb.)
    • International Workshop on Automatic Performance Tuning, iWAPT (March)
    • ICS workshops (Mar - May)
    • High-performance Infrastructure for Scalable Tools, WHIST (early May)
    • IEEE Cluster workshops (May)
    • Sustainable Software Development on Heterogeneous Platforms, SSDHS (mid-May)
    • International Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Platforms, HETEROPAR (early June)
    • HLPGPU: High-level programming for heterogeneous and hierarchical parallel systems, HLPGPU (Oct)
    • Workshop on SoCs, Heterogeneous Architectures and Workloads, SHAW (mid-Dec.)
    • Programmability Issues for Heterogeneous Multicores, MULTIPROG (late Dec.)
    • Workshops associated with IPDPS -- Dec, Jan

2012 Conference Submission Dates

ConferenceAbstract deadlinePaper deadlineConf. datesConf. location
SIGMETRICS/PerformanceNov 4Nov 11June 11-15London, UK
AD 2012Dec 21July 23-27Fort Collins, CO
VECPARDec 23Jul 17-20Kobe, Japan
ICS 2012Jan 8Jan 15June 25-29Venice, Italy
ICCS 2012Jan 18June 4-6Omaha
HPDCJan 16Jan 23June 18-22Deft, the Netherlands
SPAAJan 25Feb 1June 25-27Pittsburgh, PA
ICCSAFeb 20June 18-21Brazil
HPCCMar 1June 25-27Liverpool, UK
PDPTAMar 12July 16-19Las Vegas, NV
ICA3PPMar 31Sep 4-7Fukuoka, Japan
PACT 2012March 16Mar 16Sep 20-22Minneapolis
SCApr 27May 4Nov 10-16Salt Lake City, UT
HiPCMay 30Dec. 18-21Pune, India
ICPADSJune 15Dec 17-19Singapore
SBAC-PADJune 29Oct 24-26Columbia University, NY
POPLJuly 6July 10Jan 23-25, 2013Rome, Italy
ASPLOSJuly 16July 23Mar 16-20, 2013Houston, TX
HPCAAug 30Sept. 7Feb 23-27, 2013Shenzhen, China
IPDPSSept. 30May 20-24, 2013Cambridge, USA
Euro-Par?? early Feb?? mid FebAug 26-30, 2013Aachen, Germany



2011 Submission Dates

ConferenceAbstract deadlinePaper deadlineConf. datesConf. location
SC11Friday, 4/1Friday, 4/811/12-18, 2011Seattle, WA
MoBS11Friday, 4/106/05, 2011San Jose, CA
ICPADS11Friday, July 1112/07 -09, 2011Tainan, Taiwan
FCST: The 6th International Conference on Frontier of Computer Science and TechnologyWed., July 20Nov. 16-18, 2011Changsha, China
PAAP 2011: The 4th International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and ProgrammingSat., 16 July 2011Dec. 9-11Tianjin, China