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Large HPC environments are complex. They have multiple components, some of which interact readily with one another and others not so directly. When components or applications run on the same system, they share a lot of common resources. This raises a situation in which all the participating components, sharing a common resource, become interested events relating to that resource. Based on the nature of the component, its dependency on the resource, its relationship with the resource, the system and its peers, the component might desire to react in its own particular way. We call such a reaction as an Action to a subscribed event. At times there arises a situation where actions taken by one component may affect the state of another component or the over all system. We call such actions Conflicting Actions.

The policy manager project is aimed at addressing the issue of handling such conflicts in an orderly manner and according to a predefined policy. The policy manager allows system designers and policy makers a tool to define policies for orderly handling of conflicting actions.

For more information, see the ‚ÄčSoftware Requirements Document page.