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Installing PVFS on BlueGene

Compiling the PVFS client on SuSE ppc64

Note: 'VERSION' below should be the appropriate Linux kernel version (of course).

Setup the Linux kernel sources

  • Install the kernel-source-VERSION rpm. It might already be installed.
  • now copy /usr/src/linux-VERSION somewhere else. Ignore the /usr/src/linux-VERSION-obj directory. It's useless to us.
  • copy /boot/config-VERSION to .config in the new linux kernel source tree you made
  • make oldconfig modules (secret hint: you can kill the build process as soon as you see the first module is built but it's ok if you let it go all the way)

Building PVFS

Phew, now with a real properly configured kernel tree you can get down to work. The BlueGene login nodes are (usually) PPC64, and so require a 64-bit build. No problem. Just make sure to compile with -m64 added to your CFLAGS and LDFLAGS

  • CFLAGS="-m64" LDFLAGS="-m64" configure --with-kernel=/path/to/your/kernel --disable-server
  • make kmod