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SISIPHUS: Scalable Ice-Sheet Solvers and Infrastructure for Petascale, High-Resolution, Unstructured Simulations

SISIPHUS is a model and software infrastructure for climate simulations related to the dynamics of ""ice sheets"" -- glaciers that straddle
land and sea as ground ice slides into the ocean. Understanding the dynamics of ice sheets is crucial for accurate predictions of long-term
sea levels changes, as the melt of the ice near its "grounding line" is expected to be the main contributor to the rise of global sea levels.

The dynamics of ice sheets unfolds on the timescale of decades or even centuries, but at the same time, can undergo sudden changes
when the glaciers protruding from land into the ocean disintegrate in a matter of weeks. These sudden changes are conjectured
to be related to instabilities in the ice sheets associated with the geometry of their grounding lines. Thus, accurate predictions of the future
state of ice sheets and their contribution to the rise of global sea levels necessitates long-term simulations
of the ice sheet dynamics, calculations of its (quasi)stationary states and their bifurcations.

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